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    Tableau showing null values

    Anne-Sophie B



      I have 3 data sources in my workbook (excel sheets). The main data sheet is called CMD_09

      When I open the file it looks fine, however when I open it in tableau shows 3 columns of null values.


      I don't see the issue. Many thanks in advance

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          Shinichiro Murakami



          I think this case you need to contact to Tableau Technical Support.


          No exactly same issue, but I encountered the problem that

          I could not copy paste the value from excel to tableau which had some complicated formula.

          (a that time randbetween with version 9.2)


          If you don't mind, could you try copy paste with only value(eliminating formula and only value in another sheet)

          and connect to that sheet?


          I think that helps Tableau technical team investigating the issue.