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    Data Source Question

    Andrew Norris

      I have 4 sheets sharing a single data source. I need to create a new data source for one of the sheets - which I have completed. How do I change the the datasource for the one sheet. Tableau seems to want to change all the sheets to the new data datasource when I use the replace datasource menu option. How do I change the datasource for one sheet only? Thanks Andrew

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Andrew -


          There is a single supported way, and an unsupported technique, which I'll explain too. You should probably also ask yourself if you can't just re-create the worksheet against your new data source more quickly than using either of the two methods below


          Supported Technique.


          1. Use the Bookmarks feature (Window | Bookmarks menu items) to create a bookmark for the view you want to modify.
          2. In a new, empty workbook, use Window | Bookmarks to import the worksheet.
          3. Replace the data source in the new workbook.
          4. In the new workbook, create ANOTHER bookmark with a slightly different name
          5. In the old workbook, delete the sheet you're working with AFTER you make a backup
          6. In the old workbook, use Window | Bookmark to import the "updated" worksheet back in


          Lots of hoops!


          Unsupported technique - Tableau workbooks are nothing more than XML. You should be able to figure out how to do a little bit of copying/pasting/replacing in order to update the data source for a single worksheet in the workbook if you open the workbook up in a text editor. Wait, don't do that - it's unsupported.


          Hope this helps!

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            Erin Gehn

            Russell Christopher

            Is this response still the most efficient route 4 years later?