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    Calculated date field is recognizing as a measure..I want it to be dimension

    yashwanth nekirikanti

      I'm using two Data sources and blended them using "Edit Relationship".


      Data source 1 contains: Enter Date, Exit Date with datatype Abc


      DataSource 2 Contains: New license start date


      I created a Parameter string with ON/OFF and used it in calculated field to switch between dates of different data sources


      Calculated field:


      DATE(case [Lisense New Start Date Paramter]

          when 'ON' then DAte(ATTR(New license start date)


          when 'OFF' then DAte(case [Anchor_Date_Parameter]

                              when 'Enter Date' then date(ATTR([custom sql query (EDWCP_IMO_Views)].[Enter_Date]))

                              when 'Exit Date' then date(ATTR([custom sql query (EDWLV_IMO_Views)].[Exit_Date]))

                              else null




      If I dont use Aggr() function, the calculation is showing error and I don't know the reason.The above Calculated field is falling under "measures" but I want it to be in Dimension.



      Your help will be greatly appreciated


      Thanks in Advance

      Yashwanth Nekirkanti