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    Tableau 10 is finally here! Tell us about your Tableau TEN-ured story

    Tracy Rodgers

      It's the day that we've all been waiting for, for awhile now. Cross database joins (think JOIN Data from Different Sources and Filter across multiple data sources  [RELEASED]), subscribing others to email notifications (Use Administrator account to subscribe users to emails   [RELEASED] and I want to create subscriptions for others), and a whole slew of other features, including things we hadn't asked for, like clustering, are all finally here!


      It marks the beginning of the new double digit versions at Tableau, and we are so excited. But, it's been a journey to get here. And each of us, individually, has had our own journey with Tableau. In the spirit of #Tableau10, let's share what those stories are. How'd you get started with Tableau? What was your first favorite feature and what version was it in? What feature are you most excited for in this new release?


      To get some inspiration, Meet Our Tableau TEN-ured Community Members!

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          Tracy Rodgers

          To kick it off, I'll get started with my story.


          So here it goes!


          I originally started working at Tableau in a contract position, and when I finished the project I was working on early, my manager started handing me support cases. This was back in 2011, right after version 6 was released. I did not have a background in BI (I was a speech pathology major!), but I decided, it looked like a pretty cool product, and that I could learn it. Before I knew it, I had immersed myself in one of the coolest pieces of software I had ever seen. I fell in love. I think it was when I discovered how to use action filters that, I was blown away by the flexibility it gave me to explore and move around a dashboard. Although, when I learned how to actually write a calculation and include a parameter in there to change the view - that too, was an exciting day. Things certainly have changed since the days of Tableau 6, and to think 5 and a half years later, I'm still working here, helping launch Tableau 10 are crazy! I think what I'm most excited about in this version is the workbook formatting. It's going to make getting a consistent look across the workbook so much easier!


          So, what's your Tableau TEN-ured story?

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            Vincent Baumel

            My journey with Tableau, while still short, feels like the beginning of what will be a long and fruitful relationship. Back in December I received a Masters degree in Management Information Systems, and was excited to find a career in Business Intelligence. When I took a look at the Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI tools and saw how far ahead of everyone Tableau was, I knew it was the direction I needed to look. Once I downloaded Tableau Public and started seeing how easy it was to learn and how extensive the community was, I knew this was where I belonged! My eureka moment came when I started learning about table calculations, and how quickly you could get EXACTLY what you were looking for. I didn't come from much of a programming or an Excel background, so the simplicity of this really got me excited!


            I work for my state government, and part of what I love about my job is the focus on outreach and service. I am very excited to find new ways to get my team and my community involved in things like the Tableau Foundation Service Corps, and the partnership with the PATH Organization to fight the spread of malaria. We are all capable of solving problems, and if we can band together as a community we could leverage a tool like Tableau to truly change the world for the better. It's easy to get passionate about!


            As I look to the future, I am excited to learn and dig in even further. My wife and I are expecting our third son in about 10 days, and I've already warned her that I'll be dashboarding his every growth and measurement!   :-)

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              Tracy Rodgers

              Thanks for sharing Vincent, and congratulations on the new baby! Sounds like he/she? will have a life full of data ahead

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                Yuri Fal

                Hi all,


                Here is mine.


                Back in 2008 as a descent product manager in a distribution company,

                I was asked by my boss to calculate Cash Conversion Cycle, which is:

                CCC = DIO + DSO - DPO

                to negotiate better conditions with our preferred vendors.


                Being the least busy person among fellow prodmen so far,

                I'd spent some time thinking of how to make a nice PP slide,

                googled for "data visualization" and immediately found Tableau.

                And from there my love journey has begun :-)


                It was a feeling of "that's it", a pure aesthetic pleasure

                from doing simple visuals (that make some sense btw :-),

                learning (the hard way) about Row-Level & AGG calculations --

                it took some days to understand the difference between them and write

                DIO == SUM( [Amt_Inventory] * [Days of Sales] ) / SUM( [Amt_Inventory] )

                and finally showing a nice bar chart to my boss --

                meant that we'd been hugely investing money

                (both own and most our other vendors' one)

                in favour to our primary vendor so far.

                That's a business (as usual).


                Next episode would be about me been unemployed

                during Russia economic downfall in 2008/09 --

                but it could be about a 'beneficial' glitch

                in Tableau 5.0.2 Flexnet key registration utility,

                which allows a user to register a Trial at a future date

                (say Aug-16, 2016 :-) and have a nice little message after:

                Your Trial will expire in XXXX days

                Frankly, it saved me a lot of time when between jobs.

                And I shy about that. And dear Tableau, I beg your pardon

                for that my unfair usage of TD those days.


                Enough for memoires.


                Next about Tableau features that matters (imho):


                -- Data Engine & Extracts (v6)

                -- Data Blending (v7)

                -- Tableau Desktop for Mac (v8.2)

                -- Level-Of-Detail expressions (v9)

                -- Cross-Datasource Filters (v10)


                And last (but not least) my hopes for future products:


                -- Find ways for RANK and Moving WINDOW Table Calcs

                to be pushed to the underlying database(s) -- may be

                in a form of SELECTs using SQL Window functions.


                -- Upgrade Data Engine (may be using Hy-Per development)

                to speed-up Cross-DS Joins and Extract creation / update --

                being able of DDL / DML on Data Engine would be my ultimate request.


                -- Expand / deepen the Analytics Pane to include Statistical Significance Tools.


                Yours truly,



                PS  And I'm fond of Clustering -- it's such a pleasure (after doing k-means in R).

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                  Hi Everyone!


                  Here is my story:


                  At my current job I was replacing a UI person 2+ years ago and that’s when I first encountered Tableau. I started taking apart his workbook to learn what he had done and how should I go about building my first Tableau workbook. It has been a great experience for me so far learning and exploring so many amazing features within the software. I still continue to learn new things because the product is so vast in its functionality offerings. To push my skills further and be more creative, I recently started building a Tableau Public portfolio and that has completely transformed the way I work with Tableau. Its almost like, I have wings to fly now!


                  While there are many things to like about the older versions and Tableau 10, my favorite feature of all time is non-modal calculation editor. This has been so good to test back and forth what works and what doesn’t while the calculation editor is still open. Dragging and dropping fields in the calculation editor and dragging out bits and pieces of those calculations in the view, I think is so nice. It makes changeability of pills, calculations and even results really fast.


                  My favorite Tableau 10 feature is workbook formatting; I am with you on that Tracy Rodgers. I love how when you change formatting settings on the dashboard, you can see the fonts/colors of all worksheets (even text boxes) changing at one time. Makes changeability of colors and fonts so easy and is such a time saver. I am a fan!


                  I am more than excited that Tableau 10 is finally out. No wonder everything looks so beautiful today!




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                    Jeff Strauss

                    My growth and measurement story is about Tableau itself!  See I came across Tableau 3.x back in 2007 when I was an Enterprise Architect and there was a burning desire for our researchers to visualize data and they felt locked out with the classic BI tools.  We ultimately adopted Tableau for its fascinating ability to dynamically shape dimensions and measures into what people could relate (rows, columns, colors, shapes, sizes).  The adoption was viral, and as we came up with new feature ideas (i.e. maps) Tableau listened and built it. The ability to listen / build continues today.



                    Now fast forward to 2016 / Tableau 10 / double digits. I focus on the Tableau server discipline and the impact of insights collaboration that it can deliver.  Yeah, I'm really excited about many of the new analytic features (i.e. cross data source filtering, clustering, custom territories) as these enable quicker insights and fulfill the mission of making data easy to work with.  But it's more than just the features and functionality.



                    Enterprise Analytics class.  This is where it's at.  While Tableau continues to evolve and deliver to the sophistication of the analysts / data science communities, it's critical to build architectures that can handle the many complexities of large Fortune 500's.  Tableau has done this by such features as integration, security, scalabilty, data governance, and performance.  Tableau 10 has made huge investments in all of these and we plan to reap the benefits of the enhanced API's, revision history and performance.



                    So Tableau 10, here we come!  Insights to the people!

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                      Shawn Wallwork

                      Yuriy this is too cool!


                      Next episode would be about a 'beneficial' glitch

                      in Tableau 5.0.2 Flexnet key registration utility,

                      which allows a user to register a Trial at a future date

                      (say Aug-16, 2016 :-) and have a nice little message after:

                      Your Trial will expire in XXXX days


                      HA! FYI: Given your excellent community participation lately, I'm sure they forgive you.



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                        Shawn Wallwork

                        My Tableau timeline tracks closely to Tracy's, only she was inside Tableau and I was outside. I found Tableau in 2011, and instantly fell in love! Even though it was only 6.0! Hard now to believe I loved 6.0.


                        I was looking for a way of saving Pat's eyesight! (She's my wife, and Advertising Agency Owner & Media director.) She had spent 8 hours a day for 30+ years staring at Excel spreadsheets, trying to compare different vendors, schedules, cost-per-thousands, etc. It was giving her headaches and she wasn't ever completely sure she had made the best decisions. Too much data.


                        Being frequently under-employed after the crash of 2008 (just like Yuriy). I had the time to search and test the different products. Tableau was the clear winner!


                        I watched all the training videos (some many times), then I discovered the forums. I quickly moved from lurker, to posting a question, which if memory serves Joe answered "You're looking for TOTAL()." I finally figured out how to ask a proper question that could actually be answered. Then I spent about a year helping other newbies ask better questions, mostly saying: "Posting a sample package workbook would help the gurus better answer your question."


                        Then I started actually answering questions. I quickly learned the importance of saying "To the best of my knowledge..." so I wouldn't be quite as embarrassed when Joe set me straight. FYI: If you ever want to get an answer for someone else's question, simply say: "That absolutely can not be done in Tableau!" (The exclamation point is important.) Just a bit of fun folks.


                        Then for awhile I made sure everyone who posted a question would receive a response, even if it was just me saying I don't really know the answer, but maybe someone who follows me does; at least this moves it up to the top of the queue again. This eventually lead to Tracy creating the Crow's Nest! The greatest advancement in our forum history (IMHO). We use to have questions that were over one year old. But with lots of community member work and new Tableau Community hires, the timeframe for waiting for an answer has been cut down to 3-4 weeks! I'm proud to have had a hand in making sure everyone gets a response to their questions. I also started TabWiki somewhere along the way, but I'm not sure how successful that experiment really has been.


                        I hated Jive when it was first adopted, and almost quite the forums altogether (as Joe Mako decided to do). But I was already addicted, and couldn't kick the Tableau Community habit. And FYI the latest version of Jive is actually acceptable, with new features (like Inbox) that make things very easy, at least for the way I browse the forums.


                        Anyway since 2011, I've kept working on the Community Forums, trying to learn as much as I could, trying to teach as much as I could, trying to improve the forums as much as I could. And enjoying the fact that we have a vibrant community that helps all of us, and yet still has a good time (sense of humor) doing it.


                        Then in 2014 I got a rock in the mail. Thank you Tableau that meant a lot to me, more than you can ever know.






                        PS: Oh yeah 10.0 has some very cool features. I'm sure we all have our favorites. The ad hoc map 'regions' are mine.

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                          Matt Coles

                          I was a manager at my last job for a Tier-3 support team, and had to compile monthly metrics for upper management on how many issues we'd resolved, custom solutions we'd assisted customers with, etc. I did all of this in Excel at first, then after a Microsoft BI class, tried to automate things by building reports against our SQL Server in SQL Server Reporting Services. I knew T-SQL scripting quite well, but I wasted several hours trying to build a simple report that would break down the number of issues for me in the categories I needed.


                          I happened to be looking for a new job anyway, and Tableau popped up as a good company to work for. I downloaded a trial and in a few minutes, had a heat map that visualized my data for me in the way that I had wanted (thanks "Show Me"!). It was then that I realized, I didn't want to learn SSRS after all. I wanted to work with, and for, Tableau. Best decision I've made in a long time.

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                            Shawn Wallwork

                            Weird how working on idiotic management assignments can completely change your life.






                            PS: I always try to find/read your forum posts. Everyone should consider Matt's posts required reading!

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                              Patrick Van Der Hyde

                              Back in 2010, i was working at a small company in Seattle involved in collecting and reporting data related to the much hyped 'electric vehicles' that were due to be released from manufacturers over the next few years.  At that time, the Tesla Roadster was the only significant vehicle being sold.  This company captured data from converted (added a bigger battery pack and a plug to charge it) Toyota Prius vehicles related to energy consumption, energy use, time of day, and where and how the cars were being used.  We utilized Tableau to take this data and make it into reports for our customers (federal government, electric companies, and a few local government agencies).


                              As the data guy, I learned how to use Tableau and was fortunate to attend the Tableau Conference that year at the Sheraton hotel.  I was blown away by everything I heard and saw at this conference and I knew at that moment that I was destined to eventually become a Tableau employee.  Well, it took a few years to finally make the connection but I started here at Tableau in September of 2012 and my journey has taken me throughout the support organization to a role here in the Community forums where I have the job of a lifetime.


                              I love working with this product and the amazing, smart and cheerful customers, partners, and co-workers that come to share their brilliance with each other.


                              It's been a great 6 years since I first installed Tableau version 6.


                              Favorite version 10 feature - easy - Cross Data source Joins...  Thank you Thank you Thank you... 

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                                Mahfooj Khan

                                I've started tableau beginning of this year. I'm just a newbie in tableau you can say a 8 months old baby . Last year in the month of Sep-Oct I got to know about Tableau. I was working as a database developer in my previous project. Then I moved in Tableau. I started visiting tableau sites and watched training videos from different sources. Then after two three months one day I saw tableau community profile of my manager in his laptop. I still remember my manager had earned 135 points at that time. I thought I should also have a profile in the community. Initially I had collected some points changing the profile pictures. I felt good . Every morning I used to log in the community and saw the posts of the users and answers from the experts. I found community a great place of learning. Slowly I started answering in the community. I feel very good when a user says "Thanks your answer helped me". You wont believe I've stopped visiting facebook. Instead of wasting time in facebook I used to spend time in the community to help others. I really appreciate all the experts and users who used to spend their valuable time to help others. Whatever I've learned Tableau, mostly from community.


                                When I joined community I had few wish lists. someday featured in weekly community digest, reach the highest level and be in the top list. Now I've achieved my wish list. But its not the end I've to learn more n more. Still learning tableau everyday. Tableau makes me popular in my organisation. I've received lot of appreciations for my good works.


                                I really love all the features of Tableau10


                                Thank you!

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                                  Tharashasank Davuluru

                                  I started working on tableau from 2012. I used Tableau for creating some visualizations for My master Thesis.I started learning tableau from that time. I used to participate in the community and used to learn some new things. Most of the community members used to help me in solving my queries. I used to spend time on reading the answers posted by some of Ambassadors. Mostly the community , Kb artciles helped me a lot to gain more knowledge.


                                  I am a big fan of Team Geiger work by looking at that workbook i tried to create a lot of new visualizations and used to present them in My office . My favorite feature is LOD.


                                  In Tableau 10  my favorite is cross data source joins.


                                  Thank you,



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