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    thitiporn winaikosol

      I can't apply my data to cluster

      My code:             SCRIPT_INT(


      result <- kmeans(data.frame(.arg1,.arg2,.arg3),3);

      result$cluster; ',

      sum([Sales]),sum([Unit]),SUM([Number of Records])


      This is my problem.

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          Stoyko Kostov

          There is a similar question asked and answered here: K-Means Cluster with R


          Check it out, it may help.


          There are 2 suggestions in it:


          1. (Marked as answer) It was suggested that the table calculation was sending data to R one row at a time - check it out and correct if this is the case

          2. Using result <- kmeans(x = data.frame(.arg1,.arg2,.arg3), 1, iter.max = 10