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    what mistake I m doing with my calculation:Manager having highest Sales

    Rajeev Pandey

      Hi Team,


      I was trying to solve the below question and I pretty much solved it also.But my final result is appearing as Blank , dont know what went wrong.

      I checked the Filter as well but nothing fishy there, Can anyone please let me know what mistake I am doing,


      1)Using Orders and Returns on Global Superstore, identify the Manager whose Region Sales were greater than the Overall Average Sales?


      My approach:

      I created a Left join as below.

      Then I created three Calculated Field as below

      Total Sales for a particular region:

      Region wise return Sales( Handling NULL values as Well)

      % Returned Sales by Overall Sales

      Once my calculation is ready, then I dragged “Person” and “Region” Dimension on my Rows and “% Returned Sales by Overall Sales” calculated Field on Column. I got the below result but not able to find the correct answer as it is showing nothing.