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    Tableau 10 - multiple data source filter - use for same data source, but different fields?


      I've got a lengthy forum post going in which Joe Oppelt was trying to help me figure put how to use one "relative date" filter to filter on two different date fields for two different views on one dashboard.  The idea is that while I could probably filter both date fields using one filter via parameters, my users really want to keep the relative-date type filter - and only have to use it once for each view on the dasboard.  We (Joe ) couldn't find a way to do this in v9, but v10 offers an easy solution for filtering across data sources, so I hoped that maybe I could apply the same concept to a single data source with two different fields.


      However, I didn't have any luck.  Although it seemed to work at first, it was simply applying the same date filter for both sheets - which makes sense I suppose - that it was I told it to do after all.  So, I will finally arrive at my question - does anyone know if v10 will allow me to use one filter and apply it to multiple fields within the same data source?  And by one filter I specifically mean a relative data type filter.  The user selects "Previous 3 weeks" and that selection is passed to each view's respective date field.