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    MDX Query or other possible solution?

    dinesh banjara

      Hi Tableau Lovers


      I am using CUBE as my data source and trying to calculate the "Acceptance rate".

      Here is an example:


      Dimension1: Category:  1,2,3

      Dimension2: Action : consist of various values; lets say A,B,C,D,E

      Measure: Count: consist of count of Action A,B,C,D,E


      so as an example: category 1 may have action C with 10 count and action D with 5 counts and 0 counts for A,B,and E


      Acceptance  = If action = B,C,D,E otherwise Reject.

      so acceptance rate for category 1 would be 100% as there were 0 COUNTS for A


      Addition or subtraction using MDX gives a different answer as the data is coming out of cube.

      I just want get the value after filtering A out  and subtract it from the total count including A.


      Any help would be appreciated