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    Reference line or Tooltip?

    Elle Ristow

      Hello everyone,


      I was wondering if there is any way to make something like this in Tableau. The line moves when you hover over the graph and gives you all 3 years value.



      line graph.png

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          Please see if the attached could be a first step for you.


          To get the individual year totals, I used Level of Detail calculations like

          this one for 2010:

          { FIXED [MonthDate]:SUM(IF [YearDate]=2010 THEN [Sales] END)}


          where MonthDate is the month of the datefield, and YearDate is the year.

          So this says if the year is 2010, return the sales, sum them and then

          fix that value for all the years, so that it can be used in the tooltip of any

          point that month (see first picture below).


          I then put the worksheet into a dashboard, used a Dashboard action

          of highlight, had it Run action on Hover, and Targeted the highlight to

          just the Month (see second picture below).


          I also tried to get some vertical lines using a dual axis of a bar

          chart (Dashboard 2), but I don't think it worked very well.