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    Blending sources


      Hi Everyone,


      I try ot blend two sources based on an ID, let's say field one from data sourca A is: Acitvity Id and field two from data source B is: Fundind ID. The purporse of the blending is to be able to pick some measures to visualize (from data source 2) for the activity IDs that match the Funding IDs.


      It partially works at the moment but it only returns the activities for which there are actual measures in the data source 2. What I'd really like to do is to be able to visualize the activities even if there are no actual metrics against its Activity/Funding ID. For example, it should look like the following table.



      Data   Source 1Data Source 2
      Activity IDAmountValue
      1234540 $       12,000


      What happens now, is to show only the activity 12345 but I don't have visibility of the 1223456 activity because there is any result agaist this ID in the secondary data source.


      Ps: The primary data source is an excel spreadsheet and the seconday an Oracle schema. Unfortunately, I can't share the workbook and I'd much appreciate any advice you could share.



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          Carl Slifer

          Hi Harris,


          This sounds like it should be working.

          The primary data source is blue and the secondary data source is orange. Is Data Source 1 Blue and Data Source 2 Orange?


          On your rows shelf does Activity ID have an Orange check mark on the left? It should not based on what would work.

          A blend works similar to a left join where anything in the primary datasource is returned but only matches from secondary datasource are returned.   I think you have the data sources mixed up or you have them correct and you used the wrong activity ID in the view. This would cause issues as the secondary datasource doesn't have the other activity ID so it would have no way of populating the other one.


          Although they are blended the members of any field are entirely mutually independent of one another!

          Check those few things and let me know.


          Best Regards,

          Carl Slifer


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            Thanks for your reply Carl. Yes, the primary is blue and secondary is orange in my workbook.

            So, when I disable the link between Activity ID and Fudning ID it returns every activity that exists in the source 1 (spreadsheet) but apparently it doesn't bring the correct metrics values.


            Now, when I enable the relationship between the IDs then it brings the correct values of the metrics but only for activities for which there are actual metrics in source 2 (see below screenshot - it returns only one activity). For the rest funding IDs there are no metrics values against those IDs in the database at all and hence, it doesn't even return them in the list.



            So what I'd like to do is a mix of these two cases. Bring everything from activities/funding IDs, even when there are no metrics against these in the database.

            Hope it makes sense



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              Carl Slifer

              Hi Harris,


              You have a filter from the blend. Can you move that filter onto the rows shelf jsut after activity id? It might be that these corresponding fields are filtered off from the secondary. Are there any other filters coming from the secondary data source?



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                Hi Carl,


                Thank you very much for that. It wasn't the actual filter that is shown in the screenshot but another one which limited the results only for the year 2016. So in this case it didn't pick up the activities with empty metrics, because I had to select the "null" year together with 2016. Apparently, activities with non actual metrics in source 2 would fall under "Null" year, so that's why. So thank you very much for your help.


                However, this brings another question for which I have already opened a thread. I'd much appreciate if you could give me your thoughts on that Custom Filter


                Thank you very much for your help