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    Nulls issue in WINDOW_SUM()

    Ravi Ramineni

      My dataset : count of occurrences of an event on a time-series of minutes. However, the event occurrence is sporadic. i.e the event might occur 20 times in Minute #1 but 0 times in Minute #2, Minute #3, 6 times in Minute #4 etc. and so on.

      My goal : Calculate window_sum() over a rolling window of 5 minutes. I want to be able to see a window sum value for every minute, i.e Minutes 1,2,3,4,5,6.... till the last minute.

      The problem : Tableau seems to calculate the window_sum for only the minutes where there event has occurred at least once. This leaves blanks in the window_sum column.

      I've looked up enough posts and tried some of the suggestions in here. However I havent been able to find a way.


      Can someone help me with this? I wonder if I'm missing something obvious and relatively straightforward.


      Thanks a lot,Ravi