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    Fiscal year comparisons - volume dashboard


      I'm new to Tableau and trying to recreate something I do in Excel. I prepare a monthly volume dashboard that compares this current fiscal year to last year, both the month and the year-to-date. I can't figure out how to do all of this functionality in Tableau to save my life. I've tried searching online and can't get specific answers, so any help would be much appreciated!!


      Attached is the example dashboard and also the source data used to prepare it (the actual source is much larger but I narrowed it down to these fields). I update this monthly. As you can see, the first grouping is location and the second is service. Then for each service I want to compare the current month vs prior fiscal year month, and the current YTD vs prior YTD. Finally I would like to show a 6 month trend and (if possible) a small trend line.


      I've been able to get as far as showing current month and last year month, but then I can't show the variance without it removing those columns.


      Any advice??