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    Calculate No of Days between Teams within Month

    Jagjit Singh

      Hi All,


      I have the attached sample data and would like calculate the no of days a property is with repairs and no of days its with the allocations team within the month. We are basically calculating the days based on the key movement, i.e when the keys were with assets and allocations. When there is a value in the let date field this means the property is no longer vacant.




      Days with Assets = Accepted by Assets – Referred to Allocations ( If there is a date value for accepted by assets and no value for referred to allocations, we still need to calculate days with assets using End of Month Date or Today().

      During this period Days with Allocations = 0, if the Referred to Allocations and Accepted by Allocation values are NULL)



      Days with Allocations = Accepted by Allocations – Let Date (During this period Days with Assets = 0. In case the keys were referred to allocations in between the month, the calculation should show the days keys were with assets and allocations within the month.  So if the keys were referred to allocations on 5th of the month, the property was with assets for 5 days ie from 1st to 5th. Now we calculate the no of days from accepted by allocations to let date for days with allocations )


      Days Keys in locker – Referred to Allocations – Accepted by Allocation ( This is the time when the keys are passed from assets to allocation)

      If Referred to Assets and Accepted by Allocations are both Null, then Days with Assets and Days with Allocations is 0





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