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    Invitation for Tableau #MakeIndiaProud Data visualization Contest

    Tharashasank Davuluru

      Hi Everyone,


      On the eve of 70th Indian Independence day, we are pleased to invite you to an exciting Tableau contest #MakeIndiaProud.

      Let the world know the greatness of India by your Tableau skills. Be a proud Indian.


      Wishing you a very happy Independence Day in advance!

      Click here to register for the #MakeIndiaProud contest : https://goo.gl/x6DMXF

      Last date for the registration : August 13th 2016 9:00 AM IST

      Topics to be chosen for the contest : Anything that makes India Proud

      Where to get the data : Sample Datasets to get started : 1) https://data.gov.in/  2) http://mospi.nic.in/Mospi_New/site/lookin_for_ofc_data.aspx  3) http://www.who.int/countries/ind/en/

      Where to submit the viz : Submit your workbook to our official email id makeindiaproud16@gmail.com on or before August 13th 9:00 PM IST. After that, we will publish all the workbooks to Tableau Public and the next process will get kick started.

      Who will decide the winner : Tableau Ambassadors, Community leaders

      Winner No's : 3

      Prizes : Winners will get a surprise gift which will help them to gain more insights in to Tableau.

      Title Sponsor : FactualSoft.com (Tableau Partner)

      Results Announcement : Winner will be announced at Tableau Bangalore Meetup on Aug 27th(Tentative) organised by Tableau A2Z FB group.

      Guests : TBD , will keep you posted.

      More Details : You can refer www.TableauLearners.com blog where we posted the invitation with full details.

      Note:  1. Ambassadors, Judges, Speakers and Organizers are not allowed to participate in this contest.

        2. We are organizing this event just to encourage the people who has passion to build visualizations on Tableau, no other motto.


      Thanks & Regards

      Contest Organizers

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