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    Promote use of Tableau in a company

    Tomas Greif



      can you share your experience on how you promote use of Tableau in your company? Is there anything that worked for you to increase the adoption of Tableau for daily use? Center of excellence? Trainings? Informal meetings?


      Thank you

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          Simon Runc

          hi Tomas,


          That's a great question...I think you might find the following discussion on the Community (last year) has some useful stuff


          Cross Tab Reporting vs Visual Analytics


          Although the discussion is on Cross Tab (read Excel!) vs Visual Analytics...it soon turned into people posting how they have got Visual Analytics, in general, embedded in their companies....lots of great ideas and tips in there.

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            Andrew Watson

            Are you promoting usage of Tableau amongst developers or usage of reports produced in Tableau?


            If the former a centre of excellence seems to be a good way to go.


            If the latter it's quite simple - identify your users and produce high quality dashboards giving them the information they need easier than they currently get it...and identify some 'power users' to assist in the design/build process and to promote the reports developed.

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              Lee Feinberg

              Hi Tomas, just came across your question.


              Fair warning, I'm a Tableau customer who started a consulting firm specializing in this area.


              We look at the success of Tableau as a communications problem, not a data or software problem.


              Our solutions come out of a framework we call ATHENA Rising. 


              If you are still thinking about this, happy to hear more about what's changed in the last two years.


              I wish you a happy day,