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    Repeat Product Incidents

    Unmesh Panigrahy

      Hi, I am trying to find out repeat product incidents. For e.g. we have products Outlook, Skype and Lync. Lets say a customer has called in to the customer care in a given month 5 times. Out of which 3 times for skype, once for outlook and once for Lync. In this case we will only consider the Skype issue for which he has called thrice and it will be counted as one repeat issue for Skype. I am hitting some road blocks while I am trying to create a table in Tableau. I tried using Fixed function - if {FIXED  [Main Prod],[Customer],[Month]:COUNT([Number of Records])}>1 then 1 else 0 end, also used windows sum but not getting the desired result. I have attached a sample data here.

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          Andrew Watson

          It's not clear, for me at least, the logic behind the expected output displayed in your spreadsheet. Can you give a full explanation behind the logic of how you got from the data to the output?

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            Unmesh Panigrahy

            Hi Andrew - Customer a has called twice for Skype, Outlook and Lync in the same month. So in this case the count of repeat issues for the products mentioned will be 1. Now for Skype customer b has called twice as well. Now it is one more count added for Skype and that has become 2 now. We will not count anything where in the customer has called for individual products (if the customer has called once for each of the products in the same month it will not be counted). It has to be for the same product in the same month from the same customer.


            So the logic to identify repeat product issue is, if a customer has called more than once for the same product in the same month then it is repeat issue and will be counted as 1 for that product.


            Hope I am making it clear.





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              Andrew Watson

              Thanks Unmesh, that's clear. Now the question is why you're not getting the expected results from your formula. I created a formula more or less the same as yours and am getting the results you expect:


              IF {FIXED [Main Prod],[Customer],[Month]:COUNT([Number of Records])} >1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END


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                Unmesh Panigrahy

                Thank Andrew. I have no clue why it didn't work on a Friday. Anyways thank you so much!