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    Issues with LOD Calculations

    Ashwin Chandak



      I hope you are doing well. I wanted to share a workbook I have create using dummy date to elicit the issue we are facing. Please find it attached.


      For each product, A, B and C, we are trying to aggregate the metric values within a range and plot a trend line for all the points (This range is called Range A)


      Similarly, we aggregate the reference metric values (basically the values for another range, say Range B) and plot a trend line for Range B


      The issues I am encountering using LOD are:


      1. For a large dataset, some data points seem to be missing
      2. The aggregate values should be the average of each data point on the trend line


      The workbook attached doesn’t clearly encapsulate the issue but it would give you a clear perspective about what issues we’re facing.


      Could you point out the possible reason for discrepancy, that is why would the the numbers on the trend line not average out at the aggregate level and what would be the reason why certain data points seem to be missing.


      Would be great to have any workarounds that could help achieve the result. Thanks.