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    A Tableau-a-thon to Benefit Non-profits

    Brigid Greene

      I'm wondering what preferences people would have about participating in a kind of Tableau-a-thon to benefit non-profits.


      I imagine there would be a handful of non-profits selected, we'd identify their challenges and what data they had, pose a question and then provide participants (you) data. You'd have a week to play around with the data and come up with some ideas. There might be 1 - 3 participants per non-profit, each taking a different (or same?) angle or question.

      We'd have an evening or afternoon to present the non-profit and the Viz solutions. There might be a come-get-your-data gathering where the non-profits would introduce themselves.


      What would make an event like this fun?

      Does it sound like something you'd participate in? 

      Does it sound good or bad to have people look at your visualizations?
      Any other thoughts?