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    Overall Health Calculation against 5 checks

    Tony Ball

      Hi All,


      I wondered if you could help with this one?


      I've built a dashboard which does some Yes/No checks on some services at work. I've currently got 5 checks running which you can see in screenshot below.


      I have been trying to roll up the percentages from these 5 checks to produce another panel which would display an overall heath in a percentage score.


      So for example in the Red panels (No) I have percentage scores of 19.85 + 1.70 + 25.88 + 76.22 + 5.59. Which would = 129.24 then divide by the 5 checks = 25.84% Same for the Green (Yes) which would = 74.16%.


      The only problem is that I don't know how to achieve this in Tableau? To make matters a bit more complicated the SQL query I've used to build the dashboard is a series of Unions doing checks against each area and the item being counted on is a string and not integer.  - I'm not sure if this is affecting any calculation attempts?


      I've attached a workbook to this post too - if anyone can provide any sort of help it would be greatly appreciated.