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    Tableau's About blogs need navigation buttons

    Toby Erkson

      I was reading this blog post by Gordon Rose, part 2 of a 3 part blog posting:

      Why Use Tableau Data Extracts | Tableau Software

      I finished the blog and was ready to read the final part but I'm unable to EASILY get to it.  Gordon didn't provide a link to it like he did in part 1 that points to part 2.


      This functionality is working for Tableau community blogs:

      as I can see in my blog, for example, here:  Exporting/Importing a Site - Part 2


      I see that Tableau About blog posts fall into certain categories so the argument may be, do you retreat/advance to the next blog posting or the next blog posting of the current author?  Either have two sets of navigation buttons, one for the next post in the blog and one for the next post by the current author, or if that is not possible then default to the next blog posting by the current author.


      I hope this is a function or setting that can be turned on and not one that has to resort to being an Idea.