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    Creating a 'contact card' in dashboard


      Hi all,


      I am currently working on a dashboard which should give me major information on various shops.


      In the dashboard, I want to have a shop's contact:


      Shop ID:             1234

      Shop Name:       Shop 1

      Shop Address:   1234 nowhere street 12345 Random City

      Shop country:    Country 1


      Today I split my container into 2 columns. The first one on the left gives 'Shop ID', 'Shop Name' and 'Shop Address' which I typed.

      The second one contains the data that I put in a cross table.


      If all data fits on a single line, then I have no problem. All is aligned. However, Imagine that the address fits on 2 lines then it does not work anymore:


      Shop ID:           1234

      Shop Name:     Shop 1

      Shop Address: 1234 nowhere street

      Shop Country: 12345 Random City

                               Country 1


      Is there a way I can remedy this? I thought of creating calculated fieds that do 'Shop ID: ' + [ShopId] but the problem is that I need the 'Shop ID' text to be bold so it stands out....


      Thanks a lot in advance!