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    Order date YYYYMMDD aggregated to YEAR-level

    Thomas Fabian

      Hi experts


      In the online session "global superstore" the lady says that Tableau Aggregates order date to the year Level.

      We have uploaded this Excel file "global superstore" into SAP BW powered by HANA. Target provider is an advanced Datastore Object. On this provider we build a BW BEx Query.


      The BEx query itself contains all the dimensions and measures of the sample.


      Around min. 5 of the Video we can see how the order date is moved into the columns of the Tableau workbook.

      It automatically Aggregates to YYYY - this is a very nice Feature!


      But unfortunately with BEx query as source provider it doesn't Aggregate.

      The field type is DATS 8.


      Any ideas how to solve this?