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    Connecting Large Network Map

    Adam Borenstein

      I have a large network map with connections between many vertices.


      As of right now I have a list (excel sheet) of individuals in the map (their vertex has coordinates) and a separate list of their connections in an excel sheet (one column shows vertex 1, other is vertex 2, the connection would be between vertex 1-> vertex 2).


      Currently I have unionized the two sheets to match based on each individual's ID and the first vertex (vertex 1) in the connection, and created a calculated field called "connections" ([Vertex ID 1]+"->"+[Vertex ID 2]) to draw the lines between points. This formula was given to me by someone else and I don't understand how the +"->"+ operation works.


      I am running into two problems. One is that some connections are described as the reverse (Vertex ID 2->Vertex ID 1) and wouldn't show up with the map I have currently. But more importantly, the map connections are coming out "linear", in that each individual point only has two lines drawn to it, which are the line connecting them to those with consecutive ID numbers (i.e. person with ID 100 is connected to ID 99 and 101, but no one else)


      How can I integrate these two sheets of data in tableau to show all relationships between each person in the map?