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    Tableau Reader - problem using a published workbook.

    William Helsel

      I installed the new version of Reader and am not able to open a .twbx file that has opened before.  Another user is able to open the same file but has not installed the new version of Reader. The "executing query" screen is where it stays.  If I cancel then that hangs as well.  Any suggestions as to next steps?  Thanks!

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          Couple of questions:


          1. Does the new Tableau Reader version have the same issue with other workbooks?


          2. Do you happen to know what version the workbook is saved as?


          3. Is it possible to try installing Tableau Reader on another machine and try and open the workbook.  This may help determine if the issue is environment related.


          It sounds like a support case may need to be opened.

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            William Helsel

            Thanks for the help.


            We are now thinking this is not a Reader issue but related to the views that the workbook created.


            Here are the answers to the 3 questions you asked:


            1.  For now, just this one we created.

            2.  The workbook was created in 9.3.3 and the Reader is 9.3.4.

            3.  Yes, we installed the reader on another machine and it is doing the same thing.


            Here’s some additional information –


            The excel file data source contains two sheets –sheet #1 is 29 records and sheet #2 is 327 records.  The two tables are left joined.

            This is the setup of my workbook

            1.  Make a workbook

            2.  Connect live to a file-based data source (Excel)

            3.  Save it as a twbx.

            4.  Open it in Tableau Reader

            I have problem with this version.


            However, if I do the following, the problem seems to go away.

            1.  Connect to a file-based data source (Excel)

            2.  Extract the data

            3.  Then save the .twbx

            4.  Open in Tableau Reader


            I guess our new questions is:


            Is there a limitation to connect to a live file based data source (Excel) and saving as a packaged workbook to be opened in Tableau Reader?  Are there any situations where the live connection to an Excel file should not work and we should use the data extraction method?

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              When you save a workbook as a .twbx and the data source is a file based data source like Excel it will automatically create the extract.  Live connections to non-file based data sources need the extract created first before saving as a .twbx.


              In this case, I'm not sure why the extract needs to be created first since Excel is the data source.  Is the Excel data source a published data source?  Maybe that is why.


              In any case, for Tableau Reader to work a extract is required for the workbook (.twbx).  It may be a best practice to be the in the habit of extracting first before saving the workbook. 


              I hope the above info helps, and I'm glad to hear it now opens.