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    Rank by Percent of Total

    Ryan Meehan

      Hi all,


      I am trying to sort my data set based on a quick calculated percent and it is proving much more difficult than I thought - I'm sure I'm missing something very basic.


      Essentially I am trying to do the following:

      I want to take a count of items that fall into one of two categories (calculated field).

      Calculate the percent of total for each location or row. (ie. Location A has 30% of items in category 1 and 70% in category 2). - I used a quick calculation based on cell

      Rank each location (row) by percent in ascending order.


      My rank is ordering by the count of items instead of the actual % of total. I have attached a workbook with the super store sample data that closely replicates what I want to accomplish.


      Any help is appreciated.