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    Proposed Work on Crimes History of City of Chicago

    Bo Wang

      Hi there, I am proposing a work on crime history of city of Chicago from 2001 to present. As we know, Chicago can be one of the most dangerous cities, particularly depends on the neighborhoods. I have visited Chicago several times, and I like that fact that there are a lot of great food, famous museums, exciting shows and the overall city is very beautify. People say that the north region of the city is quiet and safe, whereas the south region, especially those regions pass University of Chicago can be very dangerous. But I don’t think that potential criminal are active 24*7 in these area, and there should be a pattern of what type of crime occurs at what time of the day, and which day of the week. Thus, in this project, we will be analyzing the incidents of crime based on its type, its geological location in the city, and the time and day of the week over more than 15 years. And hopefully we can conclude the nature of incidents of crime from the past, and predict the safety area in city of Chicago of the time and date in order to help people decide their travel plan reasonably.


      The data is available on the data portal website of City of Chicago:

      Crimes - 2001 to present | City of Chicago | Data Portal

      and I will be using Tableau here to provide a brief analyse of what can be conclude form this data.


      Sheet 1.pngSheet 2.png