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    Point in time report (Snap shot report) - Tableau


      Dear Team,


      Can we create and save point in time report in tableau. I do have requirement where I need to create and publish a report and schedule that report to run every month and save a copy as snap shot (Point in time) report for future reference. My database data can change but the requirement is - I have to save one report every month with data til that time so even data got change in database but that point in time report will hold old data and available to see the data for all the months till current date.


      Example like -

      Report 1 - Run and save report on July 1st  2016

      Report 2 - Run and save report on Aug 1st  2016

      Report 2 - Run and save report on Sep 1st  2016


      And now if I will run above reports in Sep, I will have 3 reports as above to see the 3 different reports with point in time data.


      Can we achieve this in tableau.


      Please let me  know if more detail is needed.