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    Setting an axis to only show 13-months

    Orlando Suarez

      Tableau land. I'm hoping to get some assistance with formatting the axis on a trend line chart I made to ONLY show the last 13 months. I have the 13-month calculation already created properly and the trend chart is showing that properly. What I'm having a problem with is showing the months on the tick marks properly when I transfer that worksheet into dashboard.


      So for example, the data I currently have loaded into this workbook is from MARCH'15 to MARCH'16....on the worksheet, the axis shows MAR to MAR....but when I load that worksheet as a floating view in a Dashboard and the size is smaller, the axis does not show the MAR to MAR. I realize the size is compressed and it's adjusting accordingly. My question is...Can we make the axis always show the first tick mark and the last tick mark regardless of how the floating view is sized in the dashboard?


      Below I've attached a collection of screen shots as I cannot load the workbook (protected data). On the left side is a view of how the worksheet is set up and the calculation I used to always show the Last 13 month's. I've also included the windows that show how the Axis settings are currently set up. So I have the GENERAL AXIS SETTINGS and the TICK MARKS SETTINGS. Then on the right side of the view I have a screen shot of that same worksheet as a floating view in a dashboard. I've highlighted the axis in blue so you can see that the axis is only showing Feb....Aug....Feb. I would rather this be Mar...Aug...Mar. Moving forward as each new month arrives, I'd like the Axis to change accordingly. So the next would be April...Aug...April and then May....Aug...May.

      13 Month Axis.png

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          Mark Fraser

          Hi Orlando


          Replying because I'm also interested in people's experience/ thoughts


          I to have problems with axis...

          When the first mark is January 2015, why does December 2014 appear on the x axis?!



          Related but not...

          As well as axis working properly, Id also like worksheet titles to dynamically take the values from filters, particularly the start and end dates

          What use is All?!