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    Removing duplicates

    Jennifer Sanchez

      Hi All, I am stumped on this.


      I have a unique identifier or "ID" which I created to allow me to filter out any duplicates. In the attached workbook you'll see that there are multiple ID's and "letter" combinations. I need to get the % of the count of the unique value and "letter" combination against that of the total number of records based on the unique sum.


      I did the following:


      1) Created Distinct Value Field:


      2) for % I divided: Distinct Value / Number of Records


      The % looks correct using this smaller data sample but the underlying data still shows those duplicates. Should I expect it to? Is there anyway for the underlying data to keep just 1 of those unique values and not show the other duplicates? My original data set (that I cannot share) is a very large data set so spot checking to verify that the % above isn't counting the duplicate values is not feasible. I would prefer to somehow filter out the duplicates so that it doesn't show in the underlying data which will be used by other colleagues.