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    If value from one database is null, pull same value from secondary source... error

    Brisa Halviatti

      Hello Community,


      I work for a housing authority, and we have two seperate databases for those in Public Housing and those housed through Section 8 Vouchers (or HCV for short).


      There are a few people who live in PH but for reasons I won't get into (and don't completely understand) have the majority of their info in the HCV database-- everything besides their address, name, and what not is null in the PH database.


      I want to look at all our PH residents' incomes, but since there are many who have this info kept in a seperate database I have a blend going on, and tried to write this calculated field:


      IF (ATTR(ISNULL([Annual Gross Income]))) THEN ATTR([s8_mast (mls_elite)].[Anual Income])

      ELSE ATTR([Annual Gross Income]) END


      "Annual Gross Income" comes from the PH database, where as "Anual Income" is from the HCV database. Unfortunately while this comes back as valid, the field remains null for my double-dipping residents.