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    Lookup or Blend it


      Good afternoon,


      In simplistic terms, I have the following two data sources:-

      SQL is the main data source.  However, I need to only include Sub-Grp's A1 and A4 for Group A (as listed in Excel file).


      So the final result should read:-

      I would like to retain the Excel file as this will be periodically updated, rather than hard, group, or filter these out in Tableau.


      What is the best course of action?


      Many thanks and regards.

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          If you Excel does not change that often I'd stick with manual filter. Is Excel file big?

          Everything else adds unnecessary complexity, in my opinion. Or did you overly-simplify your inputs?


          p.s. Did you get a chance to try Tableau 10 Beta and it's "cross-database joins" feature? Is you SQL data big?