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    Action filter on table calculation not possible

    Marie-claire Fournier

      Hello community !


      Tableau file is attached for better understanding, but hopefully the screenshots will help too.


      I’m trying to create a drill down hierarchy limited to the top 10 and others.


      Data :


      Context filters (structure can’t be changed) :






      1- display list of top 10 & other level 1

      (details on how I get the graph below)

      2 - display list of top 10 & other level 2

      (details on how I get the graph below)

      3 - add action filter

      Click on level 1 and update level 2

      Problem :

      When selecting Level 1 OTHER, I would like to filter on all level 1 that do not belong to the top10.

      At the moment, it filters only the last level one

      currently :



      Level 2 : exclude level1 which are part of the top 10



      Details on how I display list of top 10 & other level 1


      List of Top 10 and Others
      Calculation if Top 10 or Other
      Filter to display top 10 and "only one other"
      Rank : used to sort the list


      Why filter is required



      Problem details


      Select Other

      By removing the filter and displaying index & level 1, select other equals to select level p

      action filter currently in place

      Ideal world : target filters would be field :"L1 Top 10 & Other". But the option is not there.


      Any idea how I can do this ?


      I would really appreciate help as I am stuck on that one.

      Thanks very much !