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    Count of Text Value




      I would like to create a graph and table similar to what have below. In my field, there are values for either open or closed. I would like to get the unique sums for both values and then graph it. I attempted to create a calculated field to achieve the result, but I was getting errors. 


      Thank you.



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          Adam Crahen

          Hi Santiago-


          Right and drag your status field into your canvas.  Select CNT(Status) under measures.


          Then you can build your charts like the following examples:


          9.3 attached

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            Hi Adam,


            Thank you for the help. One more question, how did you get that style for the pie graph? I don't see that option.




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              Adam Crahen

              You had a donut in your excel example.  To do that in tableau, you have to make a dual axis chart.  I just direct typed 1 on the column shelf, you could also drag over min(number of records).  Then make a copy of the pill on the column shelf.  Right click on the 2nd pill and check dual axis.  Then right click and sync the axes.


              Notice you have multiple marks cards now.  The first one, set size larger and include all your detail.  The 2nd marks card remove all the detail, set color to white and make it smaller than the original one.



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