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    Unknown Server Error

    Joe Genisio

      I am able to view my dash board in Tableau desktop just fine but when I publish I get the following error.  I have also tried to publish just one of the sheets from the dash board but it shows blank when I publish but on the desktop you are able to view the data.


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          Hi Joe Genisio,


          This behavior is related to a known issue which has been corrected in more recent versions.

          I would advise you with one of these two solutions:


          #1 - Upgrade to Tableau Server 9.3.1 or a newer version. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Server.


          #2 - As a workaround, try one of the following:  

          • Republish the affected data source with a new name and point workbooks to the new data source name.
          • If it is not practical to change the data source name due to the number of connected workbooks, download a local copy of the published data source, delete the published version, and then republish the local data source with the original data source name.
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            Rawan Alsiekh

            I have the same issue, and I figured out if I publish the workbook with option "Show Sheets as tabs" UNCHECKED they will work just fine. the problem now is that we still need to publish them as tabs, so we might need to upgrade to 9.3.1 or so.


            if you are okay with not publishing them as tabs, then you should give a try and hopefully the issue will be fixed..