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    Salesforce: table result is squared instead of true amount

    Anne O'Brien

      Hi guys,


      We are setting up a dashboard to view how our various campaigns perform and bring in different donor levels.  As a part of this dashboard we provide a list of donors and each donor's Total Number of Gifts over the years, Total Gifts (amount), and Average Gift.  These three measures are fields in Salesforce so we did not have to create a calculation for them.  However, when we add these measures to the worksheet it appears the amounts are squared for each donor.  For example, "Aaron Feldman" is showing Total Number of Gifts: 9, Total Gifts: $240 and Average Gift: $80.  In actuality, he has donated 3 times, with a total of $80 and an average of $26.


      I'm wondering if this could possibly be due to how our table joins for Salesforce are set up when connected to Tableau.  Currently our joins are as follows:



      Every contact has an account, however not every account has a contact.  Campaigns are connected through donations because accounts and contacts are not directly linked to campaigns in Salesforce.  I'm wondering if it is looking at each donation and seeing "3 donation" for each donation which would result in 9 instead of the true 3 donations.


      Unfortunately to get the campaign level detail needed, campaign has to be our starting point.


      Any ideas?