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    days in a month calculation


      Good day,


      at moment I try to do a working days calculation and for this I have started to calculate the days of a month first. I found a lot of solutions in the net but for any reason I am not able to reproduce them as I am always getting nuts with the filter I need to set.


      As an example I have add a twbx where I hopefully can demonstrate the problem I have.


      I have create a simple excel spreadsheet with only two coloumns: working day and country.


      the reason why is very simple. on some days we only work in country 1 but on other days we work in country 2. But for the days of a month calculation I always need all days and not only the days in the country. So what I need is at the end:


      It doesn´t matter what filter is set the calculation must always be the same. So Jan for example always have 31 days and it doesn´t matter which filter is set.


      I really hope you can help me