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    User wants to Select which Database Column should be displayed

    Hubsi Hu

      Hello everybody,


      I have a Table in my Database that looks something like that:


      IDValue1_DescValue1Value2_DescValue2Value3_DescValue3TimeStatic 1


      Now I have a Filter with which I first filter for the ID . Now I made a Sheet where all Describtions are Listed. For examaple, when I filter for the ID =4, it looks like that:






      So now my question is, is there a Way, that when I select for example "Width" on this sheet, in another sheet The Static1 Column is displayed over the time and everytime the Value1 changes, the color changes too?

      So that also means, when I select "diameter", it should work the same way with Value2.

      I already got a awesome solution for showing the breaks mit colors here .
      But now I got the Problem, that the user wants to select the  Description  and gets the corresponding value displayed.

      Is there A Way? Currently It seems very complicated for me...


      Thank you very much!



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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          Do you have a sample of this work in a packaged workbook which could be shared with the community?  The data setup here is confusing, at least for me, with the Descriptions and Values running across a single row.  From reading this, it sounds like these rows are single complete rows of data.  Does Value 2 describe or relate to the Value 1 and Value 3?   This sort of set of different Dimensions/Measures that are related to each other are usually in different tables in a relational database.  If this was just a spreadsheet, it would be three sheets each with their unique ID's and the associated values.  A small example showing input and expected output with some sample data/workbook would help. 


          Thank you