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    Order Category Dimension. Solution Needed

    Stuart Little

      Hi everyone. I'm using Tableau with a data source that cannot be changed as it's originating from a server. We have some issues with the data and I want to create some type of filter, calculated field or another solution to get around these problems:


      1) We have a bug with the data source (nothing to do with Tableau, we know why it happened but can't retrospectively change the data) where the revenue for orders for a certain month is coming through 3 times the normal amount.  This is only affecting a certain type of order i.e. the dimension is Order Category, and within this dimension we have order category 1, order category 2 etc.


      Order category 2 is the one with the bug and the revenue is 3 times what it should be and this is only the case for February. Is there a way I can remedy this through something that I can apply on my local workbook?


      2) In a separate issue we have a bug where the dimension Order Category is not being classified properly for a certain month. So order category 3 for April should in actual fact be order category 2. Again how can I apply a fix where the revenue for order category 3 is assigned to order category 2 only for April.



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          Tom W

          Hi Stuart,

          Sadly it's going to be next to impossible to debug this at least without access to the datasource / extract you're having problems with. I dare so it would also require access to the source as well in order to eliminate it as being the problem versus something happening within the transform which occurs within Tableau.

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            Stuart Little

            Hi Tom. Thanks for the answer. The bug is nothing to do with Tableau and to do with further down the chain from where the data is coming from. We cant retrospectively change the data so the next best thing is a filter or something can be applied to our worksheets. Sorry should have made this clear.

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              Tom W

              You could create a calculated field like "FixedRevenue" with a formula along the lines of IF [OrderCategory] = "OrderCategory2" and [SaleDate] >= '2016-02-01' and [SaleDate] <= '2016-02-29' then [Revenue]/3 else Revenue end.


              I wouldn't personally do this as I feel like it will be way to easy to accidentally use the existing Revenue field or in the future you connect to the same datasource and forget to apply this logic or in 3 years time someone else comes through without understanding why that logic exists and deletes it.

              If it were me - I'd edit the source file if it's something like an Excel / CSV and manually override it. If it's a database connection, I'd prefer to create a process to scrub the data as part of a 'refresh', modify the data directly in the tables or create a view on top of the existing table which effectively excludes the duplicates or divides the revenue like I did above.