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    Force value in quick filter list

    Wouter Cuypers



      I'm preparing a dashboard that allows to simulate future sales by our sourcing department. I'm using LOD calculations with context filters.


      For it to work correctly I would need a filter that includes a value when it's a NULL value OR a value picked by the user in a quick filter. I can tell my users to explicitly keep the value in the quick filter at all times but it would be more user friendly and fool proof if I could find some other way to force the value in. Can someone explain me a better way of doing this?




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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Wouter,


          This could be modelled by using

          a Parameter (selected by User)

          and a filter based on it.


          Please find the attached as an example.


          The scenario is as follows:

          imagine Superstore shipments as of 2014-Dec-31

          with all 2015 orders as ready to ship ones.


          User would want to select any distinct Year (up to 2014) --

          just a single selection, hence a Parameter --

          and all open (aka 2015 by Ship Date) orders as well.


          Hope this would be close to what you're trying to model.