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    Compare Data to Different Group Benchmarks

    Kaylan Hazlett

      I have some data that at it's granular level is a store. Each store then rolls up into several groups.... one of the groups is region, another is store size (based on sales), another is brands carried, etc. When an individual store is selected in the filter, I want to create a way for that data to show against data that is the average of all stores in that region, of that size, and that carry the same brands. Basically benchmarking this store against stores in the same "category" where there are multiple categories where it falls into that I can define as new measure.




      Store ABC has an average sales per day of $250. It's in the Western Region, Store Size of 250+, and Carries Brands JFK. How do I show that it's $250 per day in average sales next to the $270 average for the Western Region, $240 average sales per day for the 250+ Store Size group, and the same as stores that carry brands JFK.


      What is the best approach for doing this? I have all the stores grouped into multiple Dimensions for each category they belong to, but I am not sure where to go from there.