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    Tabcmd export from Tableau online

    Mattia Balzarini

      Hi everybody,

      I'm new to Tableau and I'm trying to set automatic export as image of dashboards published online. I found some help in the community and in Tabcmd commands page, but still I can't manage to get the result desired.


      Here is the command I'm using


      tabcmd get "/views/DailyReports/blablabla?:iid=12.png?:size=2000,1500" -f "C:\Users\name.surname\Desktop\blablabla.png"  --timeout 600


      and attached is the image I get. The size parameter is not working, I tried many different combinations.I would like the same image as the one I get from Tableau dekstop.


      Any idea how to get the image full size ?


      Thank you