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    how to offer cascading time filtering options (month-to-date, year-to-date, month-year, custom date range) via parameter and drop downs?

    emilie reimer

      Hello all:


      I have a dashboard that currently offers users the option to pick a month-year from the drop down:


      The drop down is a parameter that passes the date to multiple data sources used on the dashboard.


      Is it possible, and can someone offer some design suggestions and solutions, to offer users the ability to pick a time type (custom date range, month-year, month-to-date, year-to-date)?  For MTD and YTD we know what dates to plug into the custom SQL, so the challenge is how to present a second layer of choice via a drop down for the custom date and month-year options.  For example, the user selects custom date range, then a begin-date and end-date slider appear(?) for them to choose the begin and end date which are then passed to the SQL.  Or they choose month-year and are then presented with a drop down of month-year combinations.


      The workbook has 5 data sources with "date" in common.  Each is custom SQL to a SQL Server DB.


      Thanks for your help