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    Help with Pivot Fields in Data source Window in Tableau 9.3

    Reshma Shrestha

      Previously, when I tried to Pivot the fields, it worked fine with no issues. But lately, I was playing with data source filters for a different data source. Later, when that was done, I tried to import an Excel file and Pivot the fields for a different spreadsheet I was working on. But, for some reason, after the Pivot, it wouldn't show all the data. In the attached spreadsheet, you can see demographics for Male, Female and Persons, but it only shows records for "Female" in my case, and the total number of rows as shown in the picture (After Pivot) is just 1000 which should be more than 1000 when you include Male and Persons. You can also see that the spreadsheet attached do not have null values either.


      I am not sure what is going on and had tried to look online for help but so far no luck.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!