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    Populating Null Dates

    Michael Hesser

      I have a simple bar graph showing total employee hours by week:


      When the user selects a specific employee from another portion of the dashboard, I'd like the graph to be filtered:

      My Desired Criteria:

      The new graph be aligned by week, meaning if the employee entered no hours on the first few weeks, there are gaps there. Put another way: total number of weeks should not change from the All Employee to the Employee-specific graph; the bar widths should not change.

      The user can use a dashboard (or workbook) action to engage the filter (I prefer not to use parameters).


      My attempts have been mixed so I'm appealing to people much smarter than myself.


      Without "include missing dates" I might get something like this:

      I want to have the bar widths static, with gaps where no hours existed.


      When I use "include missing dates", any internal gaps are accounted for, but missing "bookend dates" are not.


      Options I've thought of:

      Bar-on-bar graph: spaces things correctly, but I need to make the total hours "disappear" when an employee has been selected.

      Floating a graph on a graph and controlling which on is visible: I not proficient in Tableau enough (yet) to do this.

      Duplicating data source: Not a good option as the data source is HUGE. I'd rather not do that with so much data.

      Hitting it with a bigger hammer: does not seem to work.


      Any suggestions? I've attached a very simple .twbx if you want to test the logic... Thank you!