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    Always returning 0 Rows

    Alberto Guisande

      Hi all,

      I got a local installation of Tableau Server (9.3), everything is working fine (I mean: subsriptions, email, etc..), but VizAlerts appears to be unable to "detect" changes in the data. Please, can somebody help me with this?


      No matter what I do:

      - Follow every step-by-step tutorial,

      - Using the test workbooks provided,

      - Update Comment after Comment,

      - Change data manually and refresh it in Tableau Server,

      I always receive  0 Rows as response as the result of running "python C:\VizAlerts\vizalerts.py" :


      2016-05-21 11:38:35 - [INFO] - LoggerQuickSetup - Logging initialized, writing to .\logs\vizalerts.log_2016-05-21.log
      2016-05-21 11:38:35 - [DEBUG] - trusted_ticket_test - testing trusted ticket:, ag, None
      2016-05-21 11:38:35 - [DEBUG] - get_trusted_ticket - Generating trusted ticket. Request details: Server:, Site: , Username: ag, Url:, Postdata: username=ag.
      2016-05-21 11:38:35 - [DEBUG] - get_trusted_ticket - Got ticket: b5tEpVgw9eCnc4KBlNrevsyn
      2016-05-21 11:38:35 - [DEBUG] - trusted_ticket_test - Generated test trusted ticket. Value is: b5tEpVgw9eCnc4KBlNrevsyn
      2016-05-21 11:38:35 - [DEBUG] - get_views - PostgreSQL repository returned 0 rows
      2016-05-21 11:38:35 - [INFO] - main - Processing a total of 0 views


      I tried all I found, but still getting the same repeated block in the log (the one I inserted above).

      Thanks in advance

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          Matt Coles

          Hey Alberto! Sorry that you're having some trouble (but thanks for reading the manuals first! ).


          So, the line that says "PostgreSQL repository returned 0 rows " means that VizAlerts can query your PostgreSQL repository without issue, but it's finding no valid alerts to process. That is usually due to a problem with the way the Schedules were set up. Do their names conform to the pattern VizAlerts is looking for in the SQL query at the bottom of your vizalerts.yaml file? Did you make sure they were Subscriptions schedules, and also that they were set to Disabled in Tableau Server? Are there any subscriptions on those Schedules right now?


          If the answer to all three is "yes", then if you could attach the SQL query at the bottom of your yaml file (don't send any passwords please!) and a screenshot of your VizAlerts schedules, I'll take a look and see if I can figure out what's up.

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            Toby Erkson

            Alberto Guisande, did Matt's answer work for you or are you still having issues?