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    Caculated field using two data source Mic Aggregate and non-aggregate error

    Phat Luu

      I have two data sources. One is a sql query and the second is an excel file. The data sources need to stay in that format.

      The first database has the field "Assessment" and also the number of records I need. The second database has the field "Location" which needs to be used on a left join base on "Record Number".

      I'm blending the data currently and my calculated field is not working and I get an error.





      IF CONTAINS([Assessment],"CCC" ) THEN "123"

      ELSEIF CONTAINS(ATTR([sheet1].[Location],"AA99" ) THEN "ABC"

      Else "CIM"




      Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate comparisons and results in "IF" statements.




      What are my options here besides creating an excel sheet and left joining it.



      ** The red is the field from second database.