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    Improve Server Performance and connect data source SSAS

    Trần Ngọc Sơn

      My target is configuration by https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/perf_extracts_view.htm.


      First, I use User Authentication is user active directory; Server run as user is Administrator and pass. After I add worker nodes.

      When I start tableau server. I have an error message, with status "Tableau server repository status is not available" and "Tableau server File Store status is not available" and Status still stop.


      Second, I change Server run as user is NT AUTHORITY\ Network Service. After I can add worker nodes, I can start Tableau server. But I don't view dashboard with connect SSAS (Cube), the error message is Analysis Services database error 0x80004005: Errors in the OLE DB provider.


      Now, I don't understand how to configuration Improve Server Performance that can to connect SSAS. What step I miss in process configuration.

      Can you help me to configuration " Improve Server Performance" with data source is SSAS Cube ?


      Thanks for your help.