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    All our tags disappeared - are changes to tags logged anywhere?

    Tableau Evaluation

      We had a strange problem this week where all of the tags in our Tableau Server disappeared. Our business relies on these and there were hundreds.

      We didn't have a backup, though we do now.

      I'm hoping that we can find an audit trail to reconstruct the tags that have been applied historically.

      The "taggings" table in Tableau's postgres database is empty. "tags" is still there.


      When I add tags, I can see that an addTagsToWorkbooks URL/API request is made.


      By searching for addTagsToWorkbooks in the logs, I found traces in the httpd logs such as: - - 2016-05-16 10:09:33.767 AUS Eastern Standard Time 80 "POST /vizportal/api/web/v1/addTagsToWorkbooks HTTP/1.0" "" 200 13 "87" 452401 VzkPvcCoAqYAABBoi-oAAAJV


      And in the vizportal log files such as:

      2016-05-26 14:58:16.056 +1000 (-,-,-,V0aCaMCoAqYAABBIKFQAAAHd) catalina-exec-36 : INFO  com.tableausoftware.app.vizportal.LoggingInterceptor - Request received: /v1/addTagsToWorkbooks

      2016-05-26 14:58:16.072 +1000 (Default,nick.andonakis,lwEvF9jL6j35OD50TPRKu7XUDCo9lwJ2,V0aCaMCoAqYAABBIKFQAAAHd) catalina-exec-36 : INFO  com.tableausoftware.api.webclient.remoting.SimpleRemoteCallProxy - WebClient API: Calling addTagsToWorkbooks

      2016-05-26 14:58:16.243 +1000 (Default,nick.andonakis,lwEvF9jL6j35OD50TPRKu7XUDCo9lwJ2,V0aCaMCoAqYAABBIKFQAAAHd) catalina-exec-36 : INFO  com.tableausoftware.app.vizportal.LoggingInterceptor - Request completed: /v1/addTagsToWorkbooks with status 200


      However these entries don't contain the data in the payload (i.e. tagids, workbooks).

      And I have not found any traces in the database for these actions.


      So my conclusion is that these actions aren't logged anywhere. The current state of tags are recorded in the taggings table, and that is the only trace.


      Can anybody tell me whether there is something I've missed, or if there is another way of solving this?