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    Shading of cells using calculated fields but with total column and row

    Lucie Brett



      I have worked out how to shade the background of cells in my matrix to show downward movement as one colour, no movement as one colour and movement up as another.


      I have been asked to add a totals row and column but this breaks what I do as within the total there are cases which fall into the up, down and no movement categories.


      Is there another way I can show the total column and row but without adding the shading to them?


      Thanks so much in advance

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          Dan Sanchez

          Hi Lucie!


          If you are able to upgrade to Desktop v9.3 there's a new feature to not include coloring in the Grand Total segment.  However, this feature will only be exposed if you have a continuous measure coloring the viz.  In the below screenshot I changed the [Shading] dimension to a measure using the AVG aggregation which makes the viz look like this:



          Next, we can double-click the color legend to open the options menu to de-select the "Include Totals" option:

          include totals.png

          After clicking OK the viz shading switches to look like this:

          no total colors.png


          If upgrading to v9.3 isn't an option I think the easiest way to not include shading for the Grand Totals segment would be to make separate worksheets for the column grand totals, row grand total, and then the non-grand total section of the viz, and then combine them all onto a dashboard together.


          Hope that helps, thanks Lucie!

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