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    Experiences hosting in-person viewing parties

    Tracy Rodgers

      Last year we hosted our first ever Tableau Virtual User Group - it was a huge success! Several of you hosted in-person meetings to view the event live, and share in the Tableau community experience. People threw pizza parties, others rented out spaces at bars, coffee shops, restaurants, or office spaces. The Tableau Community was coming together in all different places across North America.


      Well, this year, we'll be doing it again! On June 23, the Tableau 10 Virtual User Group (more information to come) will be taking place, and we're asking you to be a part of it.


      For those of you who participated last year in hosting one of these events, please share any tips or experiences that you had so others know what they can expect.


      If you're interested in hosting one of these events, please reach out to Jordan Scott or myself for more information.